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Film Master uses the rotogravure system to produce the highest printing quality for the flexible packaging. This computerised system prints up to 9 colors with perfect precision and clarity. Recognized as the leader in printing of flexible packaging, Film Master is able to meet the demands of both large and small customers for top quality production. Currently, Film Master employs 5 printing machines: one 7-color, three 8-color and one 9-color.


PROCESS 1Color Separating System

Received artwork from customers, whether it is in CD or digital file, we start the color separation procedure according to the number of colors to be printed.
Color separating system Color separating system

PROCESS 2Cylinder Engraving

The metal cylinder with copper-plated is placed onto the engraving machine where a diamond head tool engraves the cylinder according to the color separation or file artwork. Then, it is proceeded to hard chrome processing in order to harden its surface.
Cylinder engraving Cylinder engraving Cylinder engraving Cylinder engraving

PROCESS 3Rotogravure Printing

The machines of latest technology with computerised system print upto 9 colors with perfect precision and clarity.
Rotogravure printing Rotogravure printing Rotogravure printing

PROCESS 4Lamination

4.1 Dry Lamination

Layer of materials are bonded together with adhesive by solvent base or solvent free system.
Lamination Lamination Lamination

4.2 Extrusion Lamination

Layer of materials are heat bonded together with specific plastic resin.
Extrude Lamination Extrude Lamination Extrude Lamination Extrude Lamination Extrude Lamination

PROCESS 5Slitting

For customers who have their own automatic packaging machines, we slit the rolls size upon the customers requirment.
Slitting Slitting Slitting

PROCESS 6Bag Making

Service of bag making as per size and type by customes specification.
Bag making Bag making Bag making Bag making Bag making


QC 1Barrier Tester

Water-Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR) and Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) analysis are strictly standards equipment.
Barrier Testing Barrier Testing Barrier Testing

QC 2Universal Tester

To check tensile strength, bonding strength, heat seal strength and coefficient of friction.
Universal Tester Machine Universal Tester Machine

QC 3Gas Chromatography

To check for the solvents retention on the printed and laminated film.
Gas Chromatograph Gas Chromatograph Gas Chromatograph

QC 4Coefficient Friction Tester

This regular test measures both static and kinetic friction coefficient of plastic film by use of horizontal plane method.
Coefficient Friction Tester

QC 5Karl Fischer Titrators

Karl Fischer Titration determines moisture content which define the quality and shelf life. It provides high accuracy and takes only a few minutes.
Automatic Titration Analyzer

QC 6Falling Dart Impact Testing

The falling weight test is used to analyse the impact strength and toughness of a plastic film by varying the dart size and drop height of the dart.
Falling Dart Impact Testing Falling Dart Impact Testing